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A New Beginning
Stitching and Painting on Textile Material

Recent series of Koc "A New Beginning" aims to picture a series of new works which will be focusing on a light coloured, happy atmospheres, which are almost a holiday scene.

This vibrant atmosphere reflects dreams and hopes of young immigrant population which are longing to be free from the concerns, responsibilities and burdens of his/her/their own cultures.

As migration process is a lot more complicated -according to artist's own experiences- than these daydreamer mind set, paintings get wildly colourful.

This new series nourishes itself from Berlin's short summer period and, turns the longer "summer waiting period" to a performative distraction.

And chose of the silky material as a painting ground, responds the need for a more slippery base, which fits perfectly the notion of temporary summer period and endless hoping process in life.

A New Beginning, continuing series, invites stitches and original found fabrics to its body as they accompany the opposed feelings such as volatility and steadiness in life...

"A New Beginning"
Oil on Synthetic Silk