Ekin Su Koc, proposes works and statements deeply influenced by the current political situation in her native country Turkey, as she's referring to the struggle a traditional and fully conflictual society - both in the physical borders, as in the mentality limits - has to fight in achieving its modernity. Just as her country nowadays, most of her works are constructed from individual items, fragments, collages which seem to be one, but are in fact divided. For this, Ekin uses traditional motifs and mass culture images from modern magazines to refer to the contrasts and multicultural coexistence.

Artist compose her works out of a valued material: the fragile and versatile paper - easy to crumble, but carrying information to the world. Therefore, the same message is encrypted in the two visions: the force of a woman comes from the vulnerability she accepts and carries with her through a lifetime.

Iulia Gradinaru

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