Heirloom Project took place in Art350 Gallery in Istanbul in 2013

Artist has collected old black and white family photographs which excavated from abandoned migrant houses, her own materials as laces that her grandmother has knitted and intimate stuff as lingerie, bed sheets, used and painted working clothes.

She painted big scale canvases with inspirations form these materials and used the materials in some pieces as body of the works.

Ekin Su Koc has concentrated the duality of the notions of belonging to a family or a society and being an individual, thus she focused on the notions of  freedom and lonelines. To enlighten the bounds with family, she uses her sembolic collected materials. These materials we see here are the memories which are private and also old, dirty and useless - just as the family itself according to the artist; which is precious and out of date.

With this first solo exhibition, Ekin Su Koc's art works reached many audiences and took place in private collections. Personal interviews and press publications followed and she participated in Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair.

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My Bed
My Legs
Alone I