Shifting Patterns
Plaster Wall Sculptures

Shifting Patterns | Dönüşen Paternler refers to more than just movement or the transformation of patterns. The title alludes to the shifting, drifting, rearranging or even relocating of life models and aesthetic practices, which blend in a hybrid amalgamation with the geographical movement and initiate a cultural repositioning. The exhibition poses the question of whether and in what way the experiences of emigration and immigration might have shaped sculptural strategies of female artists in terms of form and content, here with Turkey as an example. How does a change of geographical environment, with all its site-specific, social, and political aspects, influence artistic methods, contents, and careers of sculptors? Were methods, cultural codes, stories, and materials merged unconsciously or has migration itself become a topic in the works? How have female sculptors from Turkey made use of, subverted and deconstructed stereotypes and a variety of attributions?

The seven sculptors presented in the exhibition, born between 1932 and 1986, share some aspects of their biography and their art: the experience of relocation and the self-empowerment as women artists. Some of them have moved to Germany since the 1960s, others have lived in Germany temporarily or they have close artistic contact with Germany as part of a nomadic lifestyle. Their works focus on the use of classical materials such as ceramics, paper and textiles, which they partly expand with time-based and contemporary media such as video, film, performance or participatory strategies.

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